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Transforming a Captive Unit to a Global Center of Excellence

Clients:  One of the world’s largest HR services firm and one of the largest stock market services firm Problem:  Both organizations have units in India that

Predicting Medical Conditions

Problem and Business Case: One of the largest diagnostic centers of a large hospital system wanted to understand if it is possible to predict the onset

AI Adoption

Our research group’s focus is to help organizations adopt AI systematically and efficiently. We work on three layers: CXO layer: Here we build frameworks and tools

How can I solve any question on finding the probability of an event in a job interview / written test? (Part 2)

Properties of probability i) 0 ≤ P(A) ≤ 1. ii) P(ɸ) = 0, P(S) = 1. iii) For any two events A and B, P(AUB) =


The Client: One of the largest north-American clothing retailer. The retailer had brick and mortar stores across the country in addition to an online store Business Problem: Shipping